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March To The Rink - Irish Players Have To Leave Country To Play Games

Ireland has no ice rink!

The only ice rink available is in Belfast, Northern Ireland and in the use of that facility there is only one ice slot available per week. This is on a Saturday night from 10:15 p.m. till 11:30 p.m. This ice slot is not conducive for our youth players/teams to use and with the amount of adult teams there are they can only avail of playing one game per month.

The IIHA receive little help or support as they strive to open a full sized ice rink.

So for the month of March, players all over Ireland are looking to raise funds and awareness of this issue.

We will walk, rollerblade, cycle, or run the distance it would take you from our house to the Dundonald Ice Bowl. We will have the month of March to complete this journey. Along the way we will share our pictures or videos to #MarchToTheRink or tag the Irish Ice Hockey Association.

Do not feel obliged but we ask that you contribute to our worthy cause, let Ireland know that we are the only sport that has to travel to another country just to skate.

Please Follow, support and share our efforts as our members of the Mayo Bulls do there best to hit the 305km target, which simulates the one way 4hr journey our players travel to compete in Belfast. YES, ONE WAY!!!

Let's suppport our players doing there best:

PJ Ó Cuinneagáin - Will try and skate the full 305km

Gvido Roze - A strong runner, aims to complete this on his feet mostly with a mix of skating.

James Osborne - Often runs alongside Gvido, will attack some of this 305km on his bike.

*James has came off a knee injury and is great to see his focus and determination to keep fit and healthy. We can't wait to see him back at full strength and have missed him on the team.


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