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Inline Hockey stencil solid

A fast paced contact sport with strong emphasis on skill and team play. Played using Inline Roller Skates on a hard sports surface with Ice Hockey Sticks and special Inline Hockey Pucks. Teams consist of multiple lines with as many as 15 players and 2 goalies, with 4 players and a goalie on the playing surface. We compete in the Inline Hockey Ireland national leagues whenever possible with our first outing in 2015 at Senior level and 2017 for Juniors. We also host regular Inline Hockey training sessions in Castlebar for all ages and skill levels.

First Time

We ask all those wishing to take part in Inline Hockey to attend our Learn to Skate sessions for that age group. This is to assess skating ability as a basic level of skating will make learning and playing Inline Hockey much easier and more enjoyable. Our goal would be to get participants involved as soon as possible in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Booking & Payment

Please book sessions in advance via our site and the links below, this helps us monitor attendance and plan sessions.

Our coaches will accept cash and help with subscriptions at sessions, but please arrive early to do so, Thank you.

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