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Mayo Bulls Senior Team for 2022-23

The Senior Mayo Bulls long awaited return post COVID

The Bulls will see an initial roster showing a mix of experience alongside members who will be taking part in their first season of Inline competition.

Our roster sees experience coming from PJ and James who have been a part of the Bulls roster since its formation, followed by Elie who has a season under the Midwest Bulls development team prior to COVID and has shown a real commitment to training and is a much improved player going into this season. Felix will enjoy his first Senior season after taking part in several junior seasons prior to COVID, in these seasons Felix was reliable and committed, always showing up with a positive attitude and played for all the right reasons.

We welcome to their first season of Hockey, Diane, Laura, Niamh, Linards and Rachel. All took up hockey post COVID and have been a regular sight at sessions since they first joined, week in and week out. They all have some form of competition under them, with Laura, Diane and Niamh taking part in SMASH 2022, Rachel abroad in France taking part in her first games on Ice in a senior tournament, and Linards in Mullingar games and scrimmages. These players are not to be taken lightly as they have put the work in and turned up to training with the goal of getting better every time they lace up.

The team look forward to the 2022-23 season as they finally get that game experience and look forward to working together and supporting one another throughout the season.

Initial Senior Team Roster 2022-23:

31 James Osborne Goaltender

7 Felix Earls Player

9 Diane Best Player

12 Laura Dunne Player

13 PJ Cunningham Player / Back Up Goaltender

16 Niamh Reilly Player

22 Linards Bartusevics Player

86 Elie Bassaler Player

91 Rachel Shawe Player

Let's Go!!!!


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