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Day Out in Clare for Mayo Bulls Juniors

Mayo Bulls and Clare Badgers Junior and Learn to Play members have fun filled game day in Corofin, Co. Clare

Mayo Bull Juniors and Learn to Play members took part in a spirited set of games with Clare Badgers Sunday 15th May gone. The general age was around U13 but had members that would compete in U15 down to U10. This would be the second time they have played and to be honest have been wrecking their coaches heads in a good way to compete and visit our friends in Clare again.

The day consisted of a senior timed game consisting of 2 x 20 minute periods for the juniors, followed by a break where the Adults and older juniors would play and allow juniors a chance to just socialise. Afterwards the juniors would be split into two mixed teams and enjoy a 2x20 minute scrimmage.

The main game was a chance for coaches and players to gauge what a competitive game would feel like ahead of next season and get feedback from the players as to what they want next season. Taking an L to the Badgers already competing, it was an improvement on the teams last outing and could of gone either way with the Badgers goaltending keeping the game in their favour. Takeaways from the game were simply everyone had fun and are driven to train ahead of next season where we hope to be competing with a fresh Mayo Bulls team in the national league

Hard work since August from both coaches and players really showed these last months, the club love the atmosphere and look forward to seeing our juniors shine in the 2022-23 season

Big thanks to all the Clare Badgers coaches, players and parents who had tea, coffee and snacks ready, we love visiting Clare, they simply love hockey and play for the right reasons, can't wait for our next meeting.


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